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Ribadao Flooring is a natural, unique product, characterized by variations in tone and dimensions of the grains. These variations do not constitute flaws before forming part of the natural, unique beauty of the wood floor. These variations occur in the specific nature of the wood are normal and stress the natural beauty of the places where the floor is installed.

Ribadao Flooring provides a 25-year residential warranty. All flooring products should follow Ribadao installation guidelines and care & maintenance procedures. Ribadao warrants all defects caused by milling and finishing. Any damages caused by improper installation, storage and transportation are not covered. Ribadao warrants defects over 5% of the original purchase order and will cover all costs to replace/repair these defects, excluding the storage, transportation and installation charges.



Ribadao Flooring Warranty Exclusions


Milling Defects                             

Standard trade allows up to 7-10% of the entire purchase order to contain milling defects. It is always recommended to order between 7-10% more material than needed.  Some pieces may have occasional knots or defects. Simply cut that section off and use the remaining section to start or finish a row. During installation, if your installer notices there is more than 10% of defective material, please have them stop the installation process and DO NOT install the defective material. Ribadao will not be responsible for any obvious defects installed.


Natural Faults

Wood is a natural product that, with the increase and decrease in humidity, expands and contracts. This may lead to appearance deformations such as cracking and gapping, in the more humid months. The humidity level of the residences and commercial establishments deriving from the use of acclimatizing appliances may bring about major thermal shocks and changes meaning that preventive measures must be taken for more humid periods.


Color Variation

All Ribadao Flooring products are natural materials. There are no two trees that are identical; therefore, there are no two flooring pieces that will be the same color. Samples received may be different significantly different when compared to the material received. 


Ribadao Team

Last Updated on July 8th, 2015