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Thank you for choosing RIBADAO products!



Hardwood flooring is a natural product; therefore defects in the flooring can occur in the manufacturing process or naturally as a characteristic of the wood. Ribadão floors are manufactured within accepted industry standards, allowing for up to 7-10% defective product (may be natural or manufacturing related) based on the original hardwood flooring purchase order.  It is highly recommended to increase at least your order by an additional 5% of flooring to allow for cutting and grading of material. 


Prior to installation, the installer and owner assume all responsibility for final inspection and quality of the product. Flooring should be carefully examined for finish and quality. Do not install hardwood flooring that is unacceptable; contact seller immediately. Final grade, manufacturing, finish quality checks and final approval of the product are the sole responsibility of the owner and installer.


Congratulations on your new Ribadao hardwood floors! If you have any further questions regarding installation, please contact our distributor.


Ribadao Team

Last Updated on July 8th, 2015