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1976  Ribadao was established


With the sense of entrepreneurship that characterizes the Tavares family,  Ribadao emerged and grew rapidly in the wood business sector, with wood trading and sawmilling - its core industry – and simultaneously, with the developing of a national network of distributors, also supported in companies such as Ribamondego, Ribaliz, Ribalva or Ribacentro.


1977 Industrial facility at D.R. Congo

Through Ribacongo SPRL company, based in Kinshasa, D.R. of Congo, Ribadão has access to about 800,000 h forest and can negotiate in such disparate timber species such as wenge, iroko and sapelli which allowed leverage the process of supplying raw materials from the African continent to its manufacturing facilities in Santa Comba Dao.


1998  Ribadao's Distribution Center in Madeira Island.

Continuing its strategy of extending the national commercial network, Ribadao established a distribution center in Madeira Island in order to satisfy the business needs of their local customers.


2003  Company Certification by Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000

Aiming for excellence, continuous improvement and trying to exceed its customers' expectations, Ribadao sought to optimize their results through an intelligent organization, seeking to get competitive advantages in an efficient manner.


2004  Ribadao's Expansion of its Industrial Facilities

Responding to the growing needs of domestic and international markets, Ribadão expands its manufacturing facilities in Santa Comba Dao.


2007  Ribadao Achieves FSC Certification Chain of Custody                                   

Ribadao formalizes its environmental concern associating with various national and international support measures for the conservation of biodiversity.


2008  Ribadao's Distribution Center in Lisbon

Ribadão extends its distribution center network to Lisbon trying to reach an important group of businesses in Portugal and adapt to the needs of its customers.


2008  Ribadao's Expansion of its Production Facilities

With a clear focus on the diversification of its products and to respond to the needs of the international markets, Ribadao invested in a new finishing line for wood flooring. The covered area was expanded to 160,000 square feet.


2009  Ribadao's new brand "Exotic Skins - Natural Wood Flooring"

The consolidation of an effective marketing strategy allowed the subdivision of a set of high quality products both at a national and international level.


2010  Ribadão Lumber & Flooring, LLC USA

Pursuing its strategy of internationalization, Ribadao inaugurates its headquarters in Miami, Florida to meet more effectively the North American market.


2010  New collection of "Exotic Skins" hand scraped flooring 

Ribadao increases its collection with the "Hand Scraped Exotic Skins". The pavement surface is scraped manually before a controlled industrial finish.


2011  New Collection of "Engineered Exotic Skins" by Ribadao

Ribadao expands its newest collection of wood flooring with a new set of engineered products, pursuing once again Ribadao's commitment towards exotic woods.


2013  Ribadao Launches its Wall Covering Collection

Ribadao expands its brand new assortment of products offering of exotic wood "Wall Coverings"


2013  Distribution Centers Ribadao Lumber & Flooring, LLC in the U.S.

Ribadao Lumber announces its opening of distribution centers in Miami Florida, Hillside, NJ and Los Angeles, CA.


2013  New Architechtural & Designer collections create RIBADAO DESIGN

Brand exclusively dedicated to the latest trends and demands of the A&D market, allied to the green image. Ecological products, and sustainable liveliness at the source. Ribadao Design is made up of the Stravaganza, and Rio Collections.


Ribadao Team

Last Updated on July 8th, 2015